Dell provides software utilities and drivers that help you control certain features of your computer. The utilities and drivers for Dell-installed devices are installed and operative when you receive the computer. If you ever need to reinstall any of these drivers, you can use the Dell™ Drivers and Utilities CD that came with your computer.

Often, device problems can be corrected by reinstalling the appropriate drivers. Also, hardware manufacturers frequently provide updated drivers that support feature enhancements or that correct problems. Obtain updated drivers for products purchased from Dell at the Dell Support website, support.dell.com.

Q NOTICE: Drivers available on the Dell support website have been validated for correct operation on Dell computers. Installing drivers obtained from other sources may cause errors or performance degradation.

To install drivers and utilities, you need the following items:

• Dell Drivers and Utilities CD

Dell recommends that you print these procedures before you begin.

(J) NOTICE: Ensure that the computer is disconnected from any USB port replicator before you reinstall drivers.

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