Reinstalling Windows 2000

Q NOTICE: The Operating System CD provides options for reinstalling the Windows 2000 operating system. The options can potentially overwrite files installed by Dell and possibly affect programs installed on your hard drive. Therefore, Dell does not recommend that you reinstall your operating system unless instructed to do so by a Dell technical support representative.

Xa HINT: The CD that you need to place in your CD or DVD drive is titled Operating System.

1. Turn on the computer, and enter the system setup program as directed by a Dell technical support representative or as follows:

a. Shut down the computer.

b. Before the computer boots into Windows, press setup program.

to enter the system c. Press

to move to the Boot menu.

d. In the system setup program Boot menu, follow the instructions on the screen to change the boot sequence so that the CD or DVD drive boots first. Then insert the Operating System CD into the drive.

e. Press


to save your changes and exit the system setup program, f. Press any key to boot the computer from the CD. 2. When the Windows 2000 Setup window appears, ensure that To setup

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