Notice To avoid damaging the system board remove the power cable the battery and the second battery if installed before you service the computer

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1. Remove the main battery.

2. Remove the device from the media bay.

3. Remove the keyboard assembly.

4. Remove the display assembly.

5. Remove the palmrest assembly.

6. Remove the microprocessor module.

7. Remove any PC Cards or plastic blanks from the PC Card slot.

8. Verify that the PC Card ejectors do not extend from the PC Card slot.

9. Remove the following two screws from the system board assembly (see Figure 23):

• The 4-mm screw with captive washer located on the far left side of the computer between the hard-disk drive assembly and the PC Card slot.

• The 4-mm screw with captive washer located on the far right side of the computer in front of the thermal cooling assembly (TCA) and to the right of the microprocessor module.

- yi NOTE: Locate these screws by looking for the white circles on the system board that outline the captive washers.

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