Notice When disconnecting external devices from the back of the computer wait 5 seconds after turning off the computer before you disconnect a device to avoid possible damage to the system board

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Figure 1. I/O Connectors

Figure 1. I/O Connectors

1 Video connector

2 Parallel port connector

3 Docking connector

4 USB connector

Mini-Deutsche Industrie Norm (DIN) PS/2 connector

6 Serial port connector

7 AC adapter connector

8 Infrared port

NOTES: Some external devices require you to load software called device drivers into system memory before the devices will work. These device drivers help your computer recognize the external device and direct its operation. Instructions for installing this software are usually included in the upgrade kits.

The advanced port replicator (APR) has the same I/O connectors as your computer. In addition, the APR has a second Personal System/2 (PS/2) connector, a second Universal Serial Bus (USB) connector, and an Ethernet network connector.

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