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Q NOTICE: You must remove the display before you remove the palm rest.

Q NOTICE: Disconnect the computer and any attached devices from electrical outlets, and remove any installed batteries.

Q NOTICE: To avoid ESD, ground yourself by using a wrist grounding strap or by touching an unpainted metal surface on the computer.

Q NOTICE: Read "Preparing to Work Inside the Computer" before performing the following procedure.

Dell Inspiron Function Keys List


M2 x 3-mm screws (4)


top cover


center control cover


M2.5 x 5-mm screws (5)


bottom case


EMI shield bracket

1. Remove the hard drive.

2. Remove the center control cover.

3. Remove the keyboard.

4. Close the display.

5. From the back of the computer, remove the five M2.5 x 5-mm screws labeled "circle D."

6. Open the display approximately 180 degrees and support the display so that it does not open past this position.

7. Remove the two M2 x 3-mm screws on the EMI shield bracket, which is attached to the display-feed flex cable.

8. Remove the two M2 x 3-mm screws that secure the display-feed flex cable to the system board.

(J) NOTICE: When reconnecting the display-feed flex cable connector to the system board, push down on the top-left and top-right ends of the connector. Pressing on the center of the connector may damage resistors and compromise EMI protection in the computer.

9. Pull up on the pull-tab that is attached to the display-feed flex cable connector to remove the tab from the interface connector on the system board.

10. Pivot the display up to a 90-degree angle, and lift it up and out of the bottom case.

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