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This section provides the removal procedure for the processor board and memory module. The processor board and memory module can be removed without removing the palmrest assembly.

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This procedure assumes that you have removed the heat exchanger/fan. To remove the processor board and memory module, follow these steps (see Figure 4-39):

1 Remove the three 5-mm screws securing the processor board to the system board.

2. Gently pull the processor board off of connector JP15 on the system board. Do not rock the board to remove it, because this may damage the connectors.

3. Lift the SODIMM heat sink off of the memory module.

4. Remove the memory module.

Carefully spread the inner metal tabs of the memory module socket to disengage the module from the socket. The module should pop up slightly. Then pull the memory module out of the socket.

5. Inspect the thermal pad beneath the memory module to see if it needs replacement.

When reinstalling the SODIMM heat sink, be careful to align the hole in the SODIMM heat sink over the metal clip soldered to the system board.

When reinstalling the processor board, align the board with the notch on the system board connector. Press down on the left side of the board over the system board connector. This is the best spot to apply pressure to seat the processor correctly on connector JP15.

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