About This Guide

This guide is intended for anyone who uses a Dell portable computer. It can be used by both first-time and experienced computer users who want to learn about the features of the computer. This guide also provides basic troubleshooting procedures and instructions for using the Dell Diagnostics to test your computer and its components.

Summaries of the chapters and appendixes of this guide follow:

• Chapter 1, "Introduction," provides an overview of the computer features and a list of available upgrades.

• Chapter 2, "Options and Upgrades," describes the installation procedures for the options and upgrades available from Dell for your computer.

• Read Chapter 3, "Basic Troubleshooting," for some initial checks and procedures that you can use to solve basic computer problems and for some general guidelines on analyzing software problems.

• Chapter 4, "Installing System Software," provides detailed instructions for reinstalling system drivers and software.

• Chapter 5, "Getting Help," describes the help tools Dell provides to assist you if you have a problem with the computer. It also explains how and when to call Dell for technical assistance.

• Appendix A, "Technical Specifications," is intended primarily as reference material if you are interested in learning more about the details of your computer.

• Read Appendix B, "Using the Setup Program," to learn how to access the Setup program, which allows you to change system settings, such as your computer's power conservation features.

• Appendix C, "System Messages and Beep Codes," defines system messages and beep codes.

• Appendix D, "Regulatory Notices," is for users who are interested in which regulatory agencies have tested and approved your computer.

• Appendix E, "Warranty, Return Policy, and Year 2000 Statement of Compliance," describes the warranty for your Dell computer, the "Total Satisfaction" Return Policy, and the year 2000 compliance of Dell-branded hardware products.

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