Appendix B Using the Setup Program

This appendix describes the Setup program, which you can use to configure your computer system as well as enable and disable your system's password features.

Your computer retains system configuration information in the nonvolatile random-access memory (NVRAM) maintained by your computer's reserve battery. Each time you turn on your computer, the system compares the installed hardware with the system configuration information stored in NVRAM. If the system detects a discrepancy, it generates an error message that identifies the incorrect configuration setting.

You can use the Setup program as follows:

• To change your system configuration information after you add, change, or remove hardware connected to or installed inside your computer

• To verify information about your computer's current configuration, such as the amount of system memory

• To set or change user-selectable features — for example, power management or security features

NOTE: Many of the options that are configured in the Setup program are overridden by the settings in the Windows control panels, such as the Power Management control panel. When your computer is running the Windows 98 operating system, it will use the settings that are selected in the Windows control panels rather than those set in the Setup program.

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