Installing a Battery

This section describes how to install the main and the optional second lithium-ion batteries that provide power to your computer when AC power is not available.

NOTE: You can install a lithium-ion battery in either the MegaBay or as a second battery in the media bay by sliding the bezel on the end of the battery to one side or the other as shown in Figure 2-4.


Figure 2-4. Adjusting the Battery Bezel battery

Figure 2-4. Adjusting the Battery Bezel

CAUTION: The lithium-ion battery is designed to work with Dell Inspiron 7500 computers only. Do not attempt to use it with other computers, and do not use a battery from another computer with the Dell Inspiron 7500. Replace the battery only with the same or equivalent type purchased from Dell. Using the wrong battery type may present a risk of fire or explosion.

CAUTION: The battery may present a fire or chemical burn hazard if mistreated. Do not puncture, incinerate, disassemble, or expose the battery to temperatures above 60° Celsius (C) (140° Fahrenheit [F]). Keep the battery away from children. Handle damaged or leaking batteries with extreme care. If the battery is damaged, electrolyte may leak from the cells and cause personal injury. Dispose properly of the used battery promptly. Do not dispose of these batteries along with household waste.

NOTE: When your battery no longer holds a charge, call your local waste disposal agency or environmental agency for advice on disposing of the computer's lithium-ion battery. The lithium-ion technology used in the battery is significantly less hazardous to the environment than the lithium-metal technology used in some other batteries (such as watch batteries).

To install a battery in the MegaBay, refer to "Using the MegaBay" found earlier in this chapter. To install a battery in the media bay, refer to "Using the Media Bay" found earlier in this chapter.

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