safety instructions ESD prevention, ix working inside your computer, ix save-to-disk suspend mode, 1-2

serial devices troubleshooting, 3-27

serial port troubleshooting, 3-25

service, 5-1

Setup messages, B-1

Setup program about, B-1 accessing, B-2 Boot menu options, B-11 Exit menu options, B-12

Setup program (continued) Main menu options, B-2 Power menu options, B-8 Security menu options, B-7 System Devices menu options, B-4

software drivers, 3-9 error messages, 3-8 for configuring system, B-1 included with computer, 1-7 installing and configuring, 3-7 memory-resident programs, 3-8 problems, 3-7 program conflicts, 3-9 start-up files, 3-8 troubleshooting errors, 3-7 using, 3-8 virus scans, 3-7

software features, 1-7

speakers location, 1-3

specifications technical, A-1

standby mode, 1-2

start-up files, 3-8

support technical, 5-1

system specifications, A-1

system error messages See also error messages about, C-1

system memory, 1-2

system password assigning or changing, B-7

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