Using the Mega Bay

To change a device in the MegaBay, perform the following steps:

1. Save and close any open files, and exit any open application programs.

2. Turn off the computer.

3. Remove the currently installed device from the MegaBay:

a. Close the display and turn the computer over so that it is oriented as illustrated in Figure 2-3.

b. Push the latch lock to the unlocked position, and slide the latch release in the direction of the arrow shown in Figure 2-3. Keep holding the latch release with one hand while pulling the device out of the MegaBay with the other.

Figure 2-3. Removing a Device From the MegaBay

4. With the latch lock unlocked, slide the new device into the MegaBay until you hear it click into place.

The label on the device will be facing away from you when you have the computer turned over as shown in Figure 2-3.

5. Press the latch lock to the locked position to secure the device in the MegaBay. The new device is available when you turn the system on again.

latch lock (unlocked position)

Figure 2-3. Removing a Device From the MegaBay latch lock (unlocked position)

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