Audio Card and Audio Thermal Shield Removal

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Figure 36. Audio Card/Thermal Shield Components

1 10-mm screw

2 Audio thermal shield

3 Audio card

This procedure assumes that you have removed the system board from the plastic case and have removed the PC Card cage from the system board. To remove the audio card and audio thermal shield (see Figure 35), perform the following these steps:

1. Gently pull the audio card off of connectors JP12 and JP13 on the system board. Do not rock the card to remove it, because this may damage the connectors.

2. Remove the 10-mm screw securing the audio thermal shield, and then remove the shield.

Latch Assembly Removal

Figure 37. Latch Assembly Components


Springs (2)


Latches (2)


Center lock


Latch cover


4-mm screws (3)


LED board


LED cable

To remove the latch assembly (see Figure 36), perform the following steps:

1. Disconnect the LED cable from connector JP2 on the LED board.

2. Remove the 4-mm screw securing the LED board to the plastic base.

3. Remove the LED board.

4. Remove the two 4-mm screws holding the latch cover for the MegaBay and media bay.

5. Remove the latch cover.

6. Remove the center lock over the two latches with springs. 46 Dell Inspiron 7500 — Removing and Replacing Parts

7 Remove each spring and latch.

Be careful not to lose the small springs

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