Palmrest Component Assembly

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Led Speaker Exploded View
Figure 23. Exploded View of Palmrest Assembly


Display latch


Touch pad


Touch pad bracket


Right speaker


Hard-disk drive heat shield


Touch pad button board


Left speaker cover


Speakers (2)


Speaker wiring harness


Display latch




IR board

Palmrest Assembly Removal

Cadillac Xlr Engine Graph
Figure 24. Palmrest Assembly Components

1 LED cable

3 LED connector

4 DC-DC board

5 Battery bay


Hard-disk drive bay


4-mm screws (6)


Combo bay


Base assembly


Connector for speaker wiring harness


Palmrest assembly


Speaker wiring harness and grounding strap




4-mm screw

This procedure assumes that you have removed the keyboard, thermal shield, and display assembly. To remove the palmrest assembly (see Figures 22 and 23), perform the following steps:

1. Remove the left and right hinge saddle extensions.

2. Remove the two 4-mm screws from the top inside of the combo bay.

3. Remove the two 4-mm screws from the top inside of the MegaBay.

4. Remove the two 4-mm screws from the top inside of the hard-disk drive bay.

5. Turn the unit back over.

6. Remove the three 6-mm screws from the top of the base assembly, along the back edge.

7 Remove the 6-mm screw from the DC-DC board.

8. Remove the 4-mm screw and the washer securing the grounding strap to the PC Card heat shield.

9. Disconnect the speaker wire harness from connector JP18 on the left side of the system board.

This wire harness also contains wiring for the touch pad and the touch pad buttons.

10. Disconnect the light-emitting diode (LED) cable from connector JP10 on the system board.

11. Remove the palmrest assembly from the base assembly.

Start at the back right of the computer and move forward around the computer. Carefully lift the palmrest assembly up and pull it forward to unsnap the hidden tabs spaced around the sides and along the top of the MegaBay and media bay.

When replacing the palmrest assembly, orient the assembly in its original position on the base assembly and press firmly near each tab until the palmrest assembly snaps into place. Start at the front to align those tabs first. Make sure that all the tabs are aligned.

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