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The task having been accomplished, the laptop is now reassembled in the reverse of the disassembly process. Note that not all screws are interchangeable, and care is taken to put the right screw in the right place.


So, now you want your own password.

This page will show how a new password can be set and everything returned to normal.

Now that the laptop has been cleared of the password, the primary and administrative password fields in setup both show disabled.

Dell ConpuUr Corporation Iim del I car J Page 7 of 7 toll Latitude CP* HS83CI Setup EI£S Uete::

»••*»•«•■» Sifstcn Security *»■*■§»*■>

Pritupj Password' 9 . fhJnin Password; Disabled

Y cm cannot set a ¿joinery idniiistritiic ptssuort 1 tliîs systfin lus m Servie

"« Hard-disk Jrlw password(a)

But, on the right side of this screen, it can be seen that the option to set either of these password has been removed, due to the lack of a Service Tag.

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