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Disassembly of the Inspiron 8100/8200 can be accomplished rather easily. The only external component necessary to remove is the keyboard. The screws shown by the blue arrows need to be removed from the bottom of the case. For clarity, they are marked on the case by an encircled 'K', to differentiate them from screws for the palmrest, display, and memory. (Luckily, the original creators of the laptop did not give all these parts names beginning with the same letter.

It's always a good idea to put small screws into some sort of container to keep them from being lost, so they can be used to put it back together. A closeable container works best, especially for projects that can extend more than one day. As you can see, here I've recycled this wood screw container.

Next all the drives are removed. Battery and/or Floppy from the front. The CD or DVD drive must be removed because the chip is underneath of it.

The CD or DVD drive is removed by pulling on this handle (which may be held in by a screw.)

The hard drive cover is locked in place by a double locking mechanism. First a screw is removed from the hard drive cover.

Second, the cover is slid towards the bottom slightly, both unlocking it and creating a handle, by which it can be pulled out of the laptop.

Removing the hard drive will prevent any erroneous information that may develop while working with the chip from causing a password to appear on the hard drive, or from changing an already known hard drive password.

Next the keyboard is lifted up from the corner, pulled up and off, and laid to the side. It is not necessary to remove the keyboard completely.

(However if working conditions require it, it is possible to remove the entire keyboard by disconnecting 2 ribbon cables that plug into the main circuit board.)

The power button/LED display panel is then removed by gently popping it up on both sides, and lifting it off.

Dell Latitude C810 Keyboard Disassembly

From here the chip may be accessed in somewhat cramped conditions if further disassembly is not considered prudent. (Further disassembly shown farther down the page.)

(The preceding 2 photos not taken by me)

A few helpful people have sent in these pictures to assist in finding the chip on this model. Once the keyboard and CD-Rom unit are removed, the chip can be seen located just under the lip of a piece of metal which is part of the cage that the CD-Rom slips into.

Further Disassembly:

In order to remove the DC-Rom cage, a few more screws are removed; and kept track of.

Dell E5540 Blue Chip With Screw

The blue arrows indicate screws that must be removed. The red arrows indicate the location of latches holding the cage onto the motherboard which are carefully pried slightly sideways to free them. (As shown below.)

Dell E5540 Blue Chip With Screw
The cage can then be lifted up like this...

and then finally pulled out, revealing the chip

Dell E5540 Blue Chip With Screw

As show here, the chip can easily be accessed and jumped. This arrangement also offers the best chances for removal and replacement.

wrkfi irM*

(Actual chip may look different. This picture simply shows the proper orientation.) In order to turn the laptop on while jumping the chip with a paper clip; the hdd, the power circuit board must be replaced, and the cover as well. Use a as power adaptor If red don't work, try purple pins

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