It also does not increase the likelihood of catching thieves or the return of a stolen laptop because

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> Stolen laptops are often stolen along with other belongings which could likely include the original owner's identity and/or paperwork regarding the laptop.

> A thief who finds that the laptop they have stolen is protected by a password will not feel remorseful at this barrier, and seek out the legitimate owner so that they can return it.

> If a thief should call Dell and be unable to provide ownership information and the technician logs their caller ID, and reports it to the authorities:

■ This is hardly grounds for a search warrant.

■ By the time any action might be taken by police; the thief will likely have given up on the laptop and gotten rid of it, or passed it along to someone else. There will be no evidence, and no returned laptop.

> If authorities confiscate a laptop which they believe is stolen:

■ They may or may not be aware of their ability to find the owner through Dell.

■ The owner may never have registered.

■ They may not initially be believed by Dell tech support and decide not to press the matter.

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