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In order to clear the password on the chip, some of the laptop must be put back together. This is because the laptop will need to be powered on during the process. Seeing how easy it was to disassemble, this is not a difficult task.

This page shows how this part of the procedure is done, and the next page is where the real action of actually clearing the password takes place.

First the display screen must be put back on. This can easily be done by holding it in this manner and setting it into its slot.

Then it must be held in place with screws, one on each side as shown in this picture should be sufficient to hold it.

Now the palmrest is be put back on.
And the palmrest connector is also plugged back in.

The keyboard is also reconnected.

The smaller Keyboard cable is slid back into its connector, and is held fast by closing the connector as shown is this picture. The larger cable is then gently pushed back onto its connector.

The keyboard is placed back in its seating, like this:

And finally, this one screw is used to hold the keyboard in place while the work of clearing the password is performed.

Now the laptop is ready to and there is free access to the password chip which is located on the bottom of the motherboard.

Now, you are probably thinking to yourself 'Wait a minute! I just put almost the entire laptop back together! The wascally wabbits that made this thing sure made it difficult to get to that chip!'

OK, so, you're probably not thinking the part about 'Wascally Wabbits'; but, yes, this is somewhat of a study in redundancy. The good news is that it's almost done. Nothing more has to be bought, soldered, or disassembled.

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