Dell Latitude C810 Service Manual

Preparing to Work Inside the Computer Recommended Tools Screw Identification Removing and Replacing Parts System Components Hard Drive Fixed Optical Drive Memory Module Mini PCI Card Assembly Keyboard Assembly Display and Bezel Assemblies Microprocessor Thermal Cooling Assembly Microprocessor Module Video Graphics Board Palmrest Assembly Reserve Battery System Board Assembly Battery and Modular Bay Latch Assemblies Battery Charger Board LED Board Fan Assembly RJ-11 RJ-45 Board

System Board Screws

Bios System Board

The system board's BIOS chip contains the system service tag number, which is also visible on a bar-code label on the bottom of the computer. The replacement kit for the system board assembly includes a diskette or CD that provides a utility for transferring the service tag number to the replacement system board assembly. Q NOTICE If you received a flash BIOS update program diskette or CD with the replacement microprocessor, you must update the BIOS after replacing the microprocessor module....