Dell Latitude C840 Service Manual

Advance Technical Repair of Laptops Motherboard

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NOTICE: Disconnect the computer and attached devices from electrical outlets and remove any installed batteries.

NOTICE: To avoid ESD, ground yourself by using a wrist grounding strap or by periodically touching unpainted metal on the computer.

M2.5 x 4-mm captive-washer screws (3)


system board


network connector


modem connector


network cable cover


M2.5 x 20-mm screw

The BIOS chip on the system board contains the service tag sequence, which is also visible on a bar code label on the bottom of the computer.

The replacement kit for the system board includes a floppy disk or CD that provides a utility for transferring the service tag sequence to the replacement system board.

Q NOTICE: If you received a flash BIOS update floppy disk or CD with the replacement microprocessor, you must update the BIOS after replacing the microprocessor module.

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