Hard Disk Drive Assembly

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hard-disk drive door

Figure 4-6. Hard-Disk Drive Assembly Removal hard-disk drive door

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Figure 4-6. Hard-Disk Drive Assembly Removal

1. Turn the computer over, and remove the two 5-mm screws from the hard-disk drive door.

The drive is on the left side of the computer.

CAUTION: The hard-disk drive is very sensitive to shock. Handle the assembly by its edges (do not squeeze the top of the hard-disk drive case), and avoid dropping it.

2. Grasp the drive door and pull the drive out of the computer.

Memory Module Cover indentation memory module cover indentation memory module cover

Figure 4-7. Memory Module Cover Removal

CAUTION: Make sure the work surface is clean to prevent scratching the computer cover.

1. Close the display, and turn the computer upside down on a flat work surface.

2. Release the memory module cover.

Insert a fingertip in the indentation in the bottom case assembly and lift the cover slightly; then slide the cover in the direction indicated by the arrow on the cover.

Memory Modules memory module i retaining clips memory module i retaining clips

Figure 4-8. Memory Module Removal

1. Remove the memory module cover.

2. To avoid possible damage to the memory module from ESD, ground yourself by touching the metal surface of an I/O connector on the computer's back panel.

3. To release a memory module from its socket, gently push outward on each of the memory module's two metal retaining clips.

The memory module should rotate upward out of its retaining clips.

4. Lift the memory module out of its socket.

Memory modules can be installed only one way. Do not attempt to force the memory module into the socket. Align the notch near the center of the memory module with the corresponding key in the memory module socket.

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