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The palmrest assembly consists of the touch pad and the palmrest.

Figure 4-12. Palmrest Assembly Removal

1. Remove the keyboard.

2. Disconnect the touch-pad cable from ZIF connector JP2 on the system board.

3. Remove the back cover assembly.

4. Remove the following screws securing the palmrest to the computer:

• One 5-mm screw inside the computer, adjacent to the thermal cooling assembly

• Two 5-mm screws inside the upper edge of the hard-disk drive bay (you must remove the hard-disk drive to access these screws)

• Three 12-mm screws underneath the front edge of the computer

5. Turn the computer right-side up on the work surface, and open the display assembly 180 degrees.

NOTE: Support the display assembly with a book or similar object so that the display assembly does not open beyond 180 degrees.

6. Carefully remove the palmrest assembly from the bottom case assembly.

The palmrest assembly is secured in the bottom case assembly by four snaps and tabs on the right and left ends of the palmrest. Take care not to damage the snaps when removing the palmrest.

NOTE: When replacing the palmrest, ensure that the vertical tab at the back of the palmrest fits on the outside of the system board assembly, near the parallel port connector Also, check that the microphone boot is properly located in its slot on the top EMI shield and is fitted within the palmrest assembly.

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