A Caution Before performing any of the procedures listed below read and follow the safety instructions in the System Information Guide

1. Ensure that the work surface is flat and clean to prevent scratching the computer cover.

2. Save and close any open files, exit any open programs, and shut down the computer.

3. If the computer is connected to a media base (docked), undock it. See the documentation that came with the media base for instructions.

4. Disconnect the computer from the electrical outlet.

5. Wait 10 to 20 seconds and then disconnect any attached devices.

6. Remove any installed PC Card or blanks, battery, and devices.

Q NOTICE: Handle modules and cards by their edges, and avoid touching pins and contacts. Ground yourself by touching a metal connector on the back of the computer. Continue to ground yourself periodically during this procedure.

7. Turn the computer over, and loosen both the captive screw(s) from the Mini PCI card cover and remove the cover.


captive screw (2)



8. If a Mini PCI card is not already installed, go to step 10.

9. If you are replacing a Mini PCI card, remove the existing card:

a. Disconnect the Mini PCI card from the attached cables.

cable connectors

b. Release the Mini PCI card by spreading the metal securing tabs until the card pops up slightly.



latch releases


MPCI card

c. Lift the Mini PCI card out of its connector.

c. Lift the Mini PCI card out of its connector.

Q NOTICE: To avoid damaging the Mini PCI card, never place cables on top of or under the card.

10. To replace a Mini PCI card, align the card with the connector at a 45-degree angle, and press the Mini PCI card into the connector.

11. Lower the Mini PCI card toward the inner tabs to approximately a 20-degree angle.

12. Continue lowering the Mini PCI card until it snaps into the inner tabs of the connector.




Mini PCI card


13. Connect the antenna cable to the antenna connector on the Mini PCI card.

Q NOTICE: The connectors are keyed for correct insertion. If you feel resistance, check the connectors and realign the card.

cable connector

14. Replace the cover and tighten the screws.

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