Display Assembly Components

The display assembly consists of the LCD assembly and its related components. It also contains the LED board, which provides visual indications of many of the computer's basic functions. The microphone assembly is mounted inside the right hinge cover of the display.

Some parts of the display assembly can be removed and replaced without removing the assembly from the computer. Others require that the display assembly be removed. The following subsections describe the removal of display assembly parts.

Figure A-4. Display-Assembly EMI Shield Removal

To remove the display-assembly EMI shield, follow these steps:

1. Remove the display assembly from the computer. See "Display Assembly" in Chapter 4.

2. Remove the display assembly bezel.

See "Display Assembly Bezel" in Chapter 4.

3. Remove the LCD assembly.

See "LCD Assembly" in Chapter 4.

4. Remove the display-assembly interface cable.

See "Display-Assembly Interface Cable" in Chapter 4.

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