Hard Disk Drive

The hard-disk drive resides in a carrier that mounts inside the computer's hard-disk drive bay. Four screws secure the drive inside the carrier. A mylar insulator provides electrical insulation between the hard-disk drive and the bottom of its carrier. To remove the hard-disk drive and hard-disk drive insulator, follow these steps:

1. Remove the hard-disk drive assembly.

See "Hard-Disk Drive Assembly" in Chapter 4.

2. Place the hard-disk drive assembly right side up on the work surface, and remove the four screws that secure the drive in its carrier.

CAUTION: Rotating the hard-disk drive too far can damage the short flex cable that connects the hard-disk drive to the system board's hard-disk drive interface connector. Do not rotate the drive farther than necessary to disconnect the cable from the back of the drive.

3. Rotate the front of the drive toward the back of the carrier far enough to expose the connector on the back of the drive.

4. Carefully pry the flex cable connector away from the hard-disk drive interface connector on the back of the drive.

5. Lift the hard-disk drive out of its carrier.

6. Remove the hard-disk drive insulator, if necessary.

With the hard-disk drive removed, lift the insulator straight up out of the carrier. The 17-mm hard-disk drives also have a foam spacer on top of the insulator (not shown).

To avoid possible damage to components on the hard-disk drive's integrated controller board, hold the drive at approximately a 45-degree angle while reattaching the interface cable. Then rotate the drive toward the front of its carrier until it is seated in its original position.

The CD-ROM drive is attached to the CD-ROM/diskette drive bracket. See "Diskette/CD-ROM Drive Assembly" in Chapter 4 for instructions about removing the diskette/CD-ROM assembly from the bottom case assembly. The CD-ROM flex cable is threaded through a slot in the drive bracket. Remove the four screws that hold the CD-ROM to the drive bracket. Slide the CD-ROM flex cable out of the slot in the bracket holding the CD-ROM. The CD-ROM is replaced as a unit and is not disassembled.

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