Initial User Contact

When you first contact a user who has a computer problem, ask the user to describe the problem and the conditions under which it occurs. A verbal description can often indicate the cause of a problem or indicate the appropriate troubleshooting procedure to use. After the user describes the problem, follow these steps:

1. Ask the user to back up any data on the hard-disk drive if the system's condition permits.

See "Maintaining Your Computer" in the online System User's Guide.

2. Ask the user to try to duplicate the problem by repeating the operations he or she was performing at the time the problem occurred.

Can the user duplicate the problem? Yes. Proceed to step 3.

No. Proceed to the next section, "Visual Inspection."

3. Observe the user to determine whether he or she is making an error, such as typing an incorrect key combination or entering a command incorrectly.

Is the problem a result of user error?

Yes. Instruct the user in the proper procedure, or direct him or her to the appropriate user documentation for a description of the correct procedure.

No. Proceed to the next section, "Visual Inspection."

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