Main Battery Insulator

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The main battery insulator insulates the main battery from the system board assembly. To remove the main battery insulator, lift it off the main battery compartment.

NOTE: The main battery insulator sometimes comes out as part of the system board assembly If this happens, follow the instructions in "System Board Assembly " in Chapter 4.

Power Button and Power-Button Mounting Bracket

Figure A-11. Power Button and Power-Button Mounting Bracket Removal

Two tabs attach the power button to the power-button mounting bracket. To remove the power button and its mounting bracket, slide the power button as far as it will go toward the back of the bottom case assembly. Use a small flat-blade screwdriver or similar device to press the two tabs out of the mounting bracket. Lift the mounting bracket out of the bottom case assembly; then press the power button out of the hole in the side of the bottom case assembly.

Spreader and Keel Plates

Figure A-12. Spreader and Keel Plate Removal

Remove the spreader plate by lifting it from the bottom case assembly. The spreader plate fits easily over plastic projections and screw holes. The keel plate is in the center of the bottom case, below the spreader plate. The keel plate fits over a small peg and a semicircular plastic projection. Remove the keel plate by lifting it out of the bottom case assembly.

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