Removing and Replacing Parts

This chapter provides instructions for removing and replacing field-replaceable components, assemblies, and subassemblies. For removal and replacement procedures for factory-replaceable parts, see Appendix A, "Factory Repair Parts."

Unless otherwise noted, each procedure in this chapter assumes the following:

• The computer and any attached peripherals are turned off, and the peripherals are disconnected from the I/O panel on the back of the computer.

• A part can be replaced by performing the removal procedure in reverse order.

When the display assembly is open nearly 180 degrees, use a book or something similar to support the display assembly. The angle of the display assembly with respect to the bottom case should never be allowed to exceed 180 degrees. Also, when performing the procedures in this chapter, the locations or directions relative to the computer are as shown in Figure 4-1 unless otherwise specified.

back of computer left side urn mm □


right side front of computer

Figure 4-1. Computer Orientation

Most of the procedures in this guide require the use of one or more of the following tools:

• Small flat-blade screwdriver

• Jeweler's screwdriver set

• Number 1 magnetized Phillips-head screwdriver

• Number 2 magnetized Phillips-head screwdriver

• Chip-removal tool

• Wrist grounding strap

• Small plastic scribe

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