Technical Specifications

Table 1-2. Technical Specifications


Microprocessor type

Intel Pentium microprocessor

Microprocessor speed

150 MHz

Bus architecture

. . . PCI

Internal cache memory

16 KB

External cache memory

256 KB pipelined-burst SRAM

Math coprocessor

. . . internal to the microprocessor

Chip Set and Bus

System chip set

Pico Power Vesuvius-LS Core Logic

Microprocessor data bus width

. . . 64 bits

DRAM bus width

. . . 64 bits

Address bus width

. . . 32 bits

Security EEPROM

256 bytes


. . . 256 KB

Local bus

. . . 60 MHz

PCI bus

. . . 30 MHz

PC Card

PC Card controller

. . . Texas Instruments PCI1130 CardBus


PC Card connectors

. . . two (supports type I and type II cards in

any combination; type III cards can be

used only with type I or type II cards)

Cards supported

3.3-V and 5-V

PC Card connector size

68 pins

Data width (maximum)

. . . 32 bits



. . . EDO memory7

Memory module sockets

. . . two

The system supports fast-page-mode memory modules for memory upgrades.

The system supports fast-page-mode memory modules for memory upgrades.

Memory module type and capacities 8- and 16-MB fast-page mode

Standard RAM 16 MB (EDO) on system board

Maximum RAM 48 MB

Memory access time:

BIOS address F000:0000

Connectors one 9-pin connector; 16550-compatible, 16-byte buffer one 25-hole connector; unidirectional, bidirectional, EPP 1.9, or ECP

one 15-hole connector one 6-pin mini-DIN (this connector does not support more than one device at a time)

two ports compatible with IrDA Standard 1.1 (Fast IR)

microphone-in line-in/audio-in headphones/speakers

200-pin connector


Audio type SoundBlasterPro-compatible 3.01

voice and music functions

Audio controller ES1888

ES690 wavetable music synthesizer, ES938 3D audio spatializer

Stereo conversion 16 bit (analog-to-digital and digital-


FM music synthesizer 20-voice, 72-operator





Advanced Port Replicator

Audio (Continued)



ISA bus


stereo line-in minijack

microphone-in minijack

headphones/speakers-out minijack


four 8-ohm speakers

Internal speaker amplifier . .

1 W into 8 ohms stereo

Headphones amplifier

150 mW into 32 ohms stereo


volume can be controlled through key

combinations, software application

menus, or the Speaker window in the Dell

Control Center


Video type

hardware-accelerated, 128-bit PCI

Video controller

NeoMagic 2090

Integrated video memory

1.1 MB



active-matrix color (TFT)



195.0 mm (7.68 inches)


272.0 mm (10.7 inches)


307.5 mm (12.1 inches)

Maximum resolution

800 x 600 pixels; 65,536 colors

Response time (typical)

80 ms

Operating angle

0° (closed) to 180°

Dot pitch

0.31 mm

Power consumption:

Panel (typical)

0.69 W


2.10 W


brightness can be controlled through a key

combination, the Display window in the

Dell Control Center, or the System Setup


Table 1-2. Technical Specifications (Continued) Keyboard

85 (U.S., Canada, Korea, Thailand, and locations that use traditional Chinese);

87 (Japan)

3.0 ± 0.5 mm (0.12 ± 0.02 inch) 18.25 mm (0.72 inch) QWERTY, AZERTY, Kanji Battery

Type lithium ion


Depth 152.75 mm (6.01 inches)

Width 78.5 mm (3.09 inches)

Voltage 14.4 VDC

Capacity 36 WH

Charge time (approximate):2

Computer on 2.5 hours

Computer off 1.5 hours

Operating time (approximate, with no power management features enabled)2 2 to 3.5 hours (without a CD-ROM drive in use)

Life span (approximate)2 400 discharge/charge cycles

Temperature range:

Battery performance features such as charge time, operating time, and life span can vary according to the conditions under which the computer and battery are used.

Number of keys

Key travel

NiCad reserve battery:

Voltage 7.2 V

Operating time

(approximate) 2 minutes (if computer is in battery swap mode); 40 days (if power is turned off)

AC Adapter

Input voltage 90 to 135 VAC and 164 to 264 VAC

Input current (maximum) 1.2 A and 0.6 A

Input frequency 47 to 63 Hz

Output current 4.5 A (maximum);

3.5 A (continuous)

Rated output voltage 18.5 VDC

Height 27.94 mm (1.1 inches)

Width 58.42 mm (2.3 inches)

Depth 133.35 mm (5.25 inches)

Temperature range:

CD-ROM Drive5

Disc size 8 cm and 12 cm (no adapter required)

Data transfer rate:

Sustained 900 KB/sec (mode 2 disc)

Burst 14.4 MB/sec (PIO mode 3)

Seek time:

Random 200 m/sec

Full-stroke 500 m/sec

5 The CD-ROM drive in your computer may ha ve different specifications.

Access time:

Random 250 m/sec

Full-stroke 550 m/sec

Memory buffer 128 KB

Physical (Computer)

Width 280.9 mm (11.06 inches)

Weight (with battery and hard-disk drive) 3.29 kg (7.26 lb)



Relative humidity (maximum):

Operating 90% (noncondensing)

Storage 95% (noncondensing)

Maximum vibration:

Operating 0.51 GRMS, using a random-vibration spectrum that simulates truck shipment

Storage 1.1 GRMS, using a random-vibration spectrum that simulates air/truck shipment

5 The CD-ROM drive in your computer may have different specifications.

Maximum shock:4

Operating 152.4 cm/sec (60 inches/sec) (less than or equal to a pulse width of 2 ms)

Storage 203.2 cm/sec (80 inches/sec)

(less than or equal to a pulse width of 2 ms)

Altitude (maximum):

Operating 3048 m (10,000 ft)

4 Measured with the hard-disk drive in head-parked position.

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